Mariners Hit Comedic Milestone

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This summer in Seattle they will be giving them away. All of them. On two separate nights at the ballpark they will hand over Lou Piniella, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey, Jr. to anyone who cares to swing by. The likes of Jamie Moyer, Raul Ibanez, Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez and Ichiro will be going home with thousands of fans just for laughs. That is how the Seattle Mariners plan to celebrate the award-winning comedy campaigns they’ve produced. The DVD giveaways will feature no less than 91 different players and coaches.

The team hit a milestone this spring when commercial #100 hit the air. The work has been featured on ESPN, TNT, FOX, MLB Network, the Wall Street Journal and in countless clubhouses around the league. In partnership with the Mariners and ad agency Copacino+Fujikado, Executive Producer Bill Hoare and Director Ron Gross of Blue Goose Productions have touched them all. It is a celebrated body of work, but if you don’t have time to watch them all you can enjoy a most popular ten by hitting this link:

Top ten mariners commercials

Yes, they have their own television show.