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Blue Goose cameras took flight over Oregon's Cascade mountains to deliver another commercial campaign for Lifewise and parent company Premera Blue Cross. As in the past, the award-winning campaign features profiles of member companies and their employees. Lancair in Bend, OR designs and builds the world's fastest single prop piston powered airplanes. Inter-cut with factory footage and employee portraits are unique aerial details and stunning vistas over Oregon's cascade volcanoes. The crew took a "gloves on" approach to the aerial footage, taking the doors off a Cessna chase plane and hand holding a custom Arri 2C upside down to capture the Lancair's sleek cockpit in flight.

The five-day shoot also included a look inside the human gene for Premera client Seattle Genetics. Director Ron Gross utilized time lapse and macro cinematography to capture the often-unseen world of genetic research. The spot also captures the unexpected charisma of the scientists and technicians who perform this important research.

The ongoing campaigns for Lifewise and Premera Blue Cross have been recognized nationally with the "Best of Blue" award and have been featured in CA magazine.