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Hope. Care. Cure. Three simple words. When they went looking for meaning they turned to the directing and producing team of Blue Goose. Seattle Children’s Hospital and agency Copacino + Fujikado once again asked Blue Goose to adapt camera and crew to the very real environment of a working hospital. “The challenge to this style of filmmaking, obviously, is to surrender virtually all of your technical control and still produce imagery that has emotional value,” said Executive Producer Bill Hoare. “We welcome that kind of challenge. The client tends to be rewarded with footage that endures because it is so authentic.”

The documentary approach traded control for access to real surgeries, real patients and real interactions. Director Ron Gross chose to work behind the lens in order to impress a consistent style to the footage. “I wanted to shoot a particular rhythm, regardless of the situation, that would add a certain grace when the imagery was put together,” said Gross. “We couldn’t necessarily plan the content but the creatives and I did have a plan for the edit.” The crew filmed two days in hospital and one day at a dedicated Research Center.

Actor Barry Pepper of “The Green Mile” and “Saving Private Ryan” fame voiced the spots.


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